The traditional art of New Guinea was under a larger classification of Oceanic art -artwork created by native Pacific Islands and Australia. 

New Guinea art is multifaceted and complex. The variety of cultural categories that exist in this area has resulted in several unique styles of cultural appearance, from art and architecture to weaponry and music.

An early example of the art of New Guinea is estimated to have appeared around 1500 BC in the form of initial Oceanic sculpture. These statues or sculptures, found all over the island but mostly in the highlands, first appeared as a figure of stone that takes the form of mortar, pestle, or a free-standing figure.

Citra include birds, human head, or geometric patterns often carved or mortar pestles to the top or to the free-standing figures. Moreover, you can see these amazing oceanic sculptures in oceanic artwork museums.

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While the primary importance of these pieces is not known, they might have been used in a ritual context.

wood carving

Territory of New Guinea is may be the most renounced known for wood carving tradition, which is especially frequent along the Sepik River from Papua New Guinea (Oceania country that holds the eastern part of the island of New Guinea and offshore islands in Melanesia). 

Intricate carvings often take the form of statues, masks,drums, canoes and storyboards, many of which are in museums this time.

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