Handbags are the one thing that women just cannot get enough of. Even when the closet is crowded with a copious number of bags, none seem to fit the pub party or shopping expedition you have in mind. If you want to buy a new bag online, you can refer to https://www.sokimnewyork.com/ to choose the best one from the wide range of bags available.


Alas, it often happens that we tend to buy more and more of the same styles of handbags. This is exactly why handbag aficionados advise women to make a conscious attempt to build a varied collection of handbags that features at least one piece of each of the following styles:

  • Shoulder Bag 

This classic and versatile bag that is carried on the shoulder never seems to go out style. This can be a daily bag or used for formal occasions depending on the look.

  • Satchel 

The defining feature of this bag is its structured design and a flat bottom. It has a top closure and handles for carrying by the fingers. It comes in varying sizes but always manages to look sleek and professional. 'Doctor bags' are another variant in this style.

  • Hobo

This is usually a small purse that is carried on the shoulder. It has a slouchy posture that gets scooped in the centre. There is only one compartment with a closure at the top. It has a slightly bohemian look.

  • Baguette 

This is another small bag that is longer in its width than its height, thus giving it its name. The handle can be carried on the arm or shoulder and both look quite smart.

  • Tote 

This is a big bag with an open top and two handles. It is large enough to haul all the personal belongings you need and then some around. It can even fit a jacket or laptop. It is primarily a casual bag best used when going shopping.

Therefore, by shopping right you will have luxury designer handbags on hand to suit every occasion possible.