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Thank you to the veterans who have served this country and sacrificed everything for our freedom!

A special thank you to Tony Blake & Al Edwards for speaking at our Veteran's Day Program!

Both your stories and facts about the war was eye opening! 

With the expansion of the National Military History Center’s Local Veterans Tribute Hall, the museum would like local veterans or their families to submit a photo of their veteran. The museum has created a space to display these pictures in an effort to honor their service to the local community and to the nation. After you complete an application, a museum employee will review the application and contact you about submitting a picture. We appreciate your service!

NMHC Veterans Tribute Wall

some gave all........

 We would like to thank you for your service, and let you 

 know that we appreciate  all the hard work and  

 dedication you have given to our country. We take pride in  working with our Veterans and honoring them throughout our museum. If you would  like to volunteer any of your time please contact Stephanie Kern at 260-927-9144  or

Here are some links as of 1/23/14 to various programs available. Please let us  know if there are other links we could add to our site that would benefit our  Veterans.