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Each book is $30.00

Each picture with Certificate of Authenticity is $25.00

Package A includes: one autographed book, your choice of Richard's Navy picture or the USS Indianapolis Navy Ship picture, and Certificate of Authenticity is $50.00

Package B includes: one autographed book, both pictures of Richard and the ship with the Certificate of Authenticity to each photo for $70.00

Books are signed by Richard Thelen who is a survivor of the USS Indianapolis. Richard P. Thelen is a Seaman, Second Class of the Navy. Other survivors have shared their stories in the book as well. 

On the back of the book it reads, 

"This book is a must. Read the true personal stories of the survivors. Nothing has been added. Nothing has been left out. You will cry, laugh, shake your head and wonder why the Navy didn't look for us. All gave some, some gave all. How blessed we are to be able to adapt, learn and grow from our experiences." 

Quoted from Paul J. Murphy, Chairman

USS Indianapolis Survivors Organization

An Exclusive Offer through the National Military History Center!

This book is NOT available through any book store.

All the proceeds from selling the book benefit the USS Indianapolis Memorial.  

Other proceeds will go to the National Military History Museum.


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