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The Dean V. Kruse Foundation accepts artifact donations that will expand and broaden the scope of it's collection in order to more fully present the history of transportation in it's galleries and to assist staff and scholars with historical research.

The Dean V. Kruse Foundation realizes that relinquishing family items is a difficult decision, and that each family must examine what is in the best interest for the preservation of their family history. We are deeply grateful to those individuals who contribute to the improvement of the museum's research and exhibition capabilities through the donation of artifacts.

Decision on the acceptance of artifacts is the responsibility of the museum's Senior Curator and our Collections Committee. Criteria includes: relevance to the museum's storyline and mission, condition of the artifact, the artifact's importance to research, and is the artifact a unique addition to the collection. The museum does not take into consideration the monetary value of the artifact in its decision making process.

Artifact donations to the Dean V. Kruse Foundation may be tax deductible from taxable income in accordance with Federal Income Tax Law. Please consult your accountant in regards to these matters. It is against the law for any museum employee to appraise historical artifacts. Artifact donations are not complete until a Deed of Gift has been signed by the donor. For additional information contact Robert Thomas at

Artifact Donation

The Build the Future Brick Campaign was instituted in 1999 as a means to honor your personal heroes and to help fund the museum in its educational and historical endeavors.

A gift of $100 will reserve your brick with your personal inscription honoring your hero.

Brick Campaign

One way you can offer your help here at the National Military History Center is the Adopt-A-Flag program. Proper care and respect for our national flag is of utmost importance. The elements take their toll and require frequent maintenance. Your specific donation to this program will help ensure the proper maintenance of "Old Glory".

Adopt - A - Flag

Make a Donation Today!!!

The National Military History Center (operated by the Dean V. Kruse Foundation) relies on the generosity and support of corporate and individual donors. Your donations—large or small—will help the Museum achieve its mission to educate the public, inspire multiple generations, entertain our guests, and commemorate those who have served our great country. All donors are valued contributors.

Donations are a cornerstone of our ability to support and enhance the National Military History Center as we work to inspire, educate, and entertain the public. Our donors provide critical funding and services for Museum programs and fundraisers. Donation opportunities are currently available for a wide-range of projects, including:

  •  Museum exhibits
  • Updating technology
  • Special events that benefit the museum, and/or our community
  • Special projects to lower museum cost such as updating and replacing lighting fixtures, furnace updates, and general maintenance

The National Military History Center, as a federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit institution, depends on the generosity of our visitors, supporters and sponsors, to which we extend our greatest appreciation. We continually want to make changes to the National Military History Center, and have exceptional artifact donations we would like to put on display. If you’d like to donate to a particular exhibit in the museum, we will add a plaque with your name or company name, sponsored in memory of, and the date of your donation.