Museum will be CLOSED SATURDAY 18TH, 2015.

The museum will reopen on Sunday July 19th, 2015.

Please note this will be a private company party.

Thank you for your understanding!

Richard Lavanture is selling his 1952 Dodge W20 M37 Military Vehicle. The vin number is 80043431. Richard is selling his vehicle for $25,000 which when sold he will make a 5% donation to the museum. Come check out this grand vehicle! Please contact the museum if you have any questions.

Richard Lavanture is selling his 1938 French Latil Model M7T1 Military Vehicle.

The vehicle was used in WWII & one of very few in the United States.

The French Latil is valued at $40,000.

A donation will be made to the museum if this vehicle is sold at $40,000 or above. Please feel free to come into the museum to look at the vehicle!

We appreciate your interest in helping the museum!

 DVK Foundation Announces New Displays

Hours of Operation 


9 am to 5 pm

Sat. & Sun. 

9 am to 5 pm 

The DVK Foundation and Museums celebrate

America's Heritage by providing the public with an entertaining, educational experience focused on the preservation, exhibition and interpretation of historical treasures.

Military History

Carl Casper Collection

Race Cars

Monster Trucks


Featured Exhibit of the Month


For Sale By Owner 

*Disclaimer - Museum DOES NOT OWN THIS

The Military wing of the museum is growing! Recently, we have expanded several displays, including the Pearl Harbor and Women’s Service Corps--“Home Front” displays.  Also among many projects in the works, the museum’s curator and display team will be expanding our medical display, combat rations, and war in the pacific displays in the coming weeks. Volunteers are encouraged to help us build these displays! If interested, please contact either Robert or Andrea at 927-9144.

NMHC Mission statement:

  The center is dedicated to helping current and future generations of Americans embrace and understand the unique nature of the American Military, and the individual service and sacrifice that continues to secure and preserve our freedoms.


 Honoring the people, the purpose and

the legacy of the American military


Adults: $10

Seniors: $8

Children 6-12: $6

Children under 6: Free

WWII Veteran: Free

Veterans: $4

Family (2 Adults + Dependent Children) : $25

Do You Have A Special Event Soon Approaching?

 We have banquet rooms available for rental that can accomodate 25 - 2000 guests!