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  The center is dedicated to helping current and future generations of Americans embrace and understand the unique nature of the American Military, and the individual service and sacrifice that continues to secure and preserve our freedoms.

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 DVK Foundation Announces New Displays


 In our Home Front Section we have another display that was donated by Gary Creakbaum. His mother, 1st Lieut. Leora F Hawkins, was an Army Nurse during the war.  We used his generous donation of her items to supplement our display dedicated to the U.S. Army Nurse Corps. Several photographs of hospital wards, nurses, medals, unique documents and photos from the English countryside during the bombing, shrapnel she removed from her future husband, a rare Caterpillar pin (see photo) and other personal items make the story behind this display come to life for our visitors. This display will continue to grow and we are looking forward to it becoming a major part of our new medical display.

Most recently, we expanded our Pearl Harbor display by adding pictures and educational material to enhance the existing artifacts. This newly expanded display now takes up a significant amount of space in the museum, and will help today’s generation learn how important this event was in our nation’s history. The first panel features photos of the attack, casualty counts, and personal photos of soldiers helping the wounded. The next panel uses newspapers released after the attacks, photos of people reading the news, and propaganda posters referencing Pearl Harbor to show how word spread throughout the country. The next two panels explain the events preceding the attack, the attack itself, and America’s response. At the end of the display is a mannequin of FDR and photos of his speech to congress on December 8th as well as a copy of the speech. We will be adding a short 5 minute video to the display in the coming weeks.

Pearl Harbor Display

 Leora F. and  Ronald A. Creakbaum

"A Love Story"

The Military wing of the museum is growing! Recently, we have expanded several displays, including the Pearl Harbor and Women’s Service Corps--“Home Front” displays.  Also among many projects in the works, the museum’s curator and display team will be expanding our medical display, combat rations, and war in the pacific displays in the coming weeks. Volunteers are encouraged to help us build these displays! If interested, please contact either Robert or Andrea at 927-9144.

1st Lieut. Leora F. (Hawkins) Creakbaum and Sgt. Ronald A. Creakbaum

"A Love Story"

Pearl Harbor

We have banquet rooms available for rental that can accommodate 25-2000 guests.